Greetings! My name is Terry Kelley and I am the veteran’s representative for The Ocean Corporation.

I am often asked what is needed to get VA education benefits started. To begin, you will need to be registered to attend class. This can be achieved by completing the Application for Admission found in The Ocean Corporation’s catalog.

Once you are registered to attend The Ocean Corporation, it will necessary to provide the documents listed below:

1. Copy of your current (issued in last 6 months) “Certificate of Eligibility (received from the VA after completing form 22-1990 at see below) [Form 22-1995: Change of Program or Place of Training for those students who have used their benefits in the past.]

2. Joint Service Transcripts (military transcripts) (Unofficial copy is acceptable)

3. Academic Transcripts (unofficial copy is acceptable) from all previously attended post secondary school(s), (anything above high school).


It is important to provide these documents.
If you have attended any post secondary training, your certification to the VA will be delayed until all transcript(s) are received.

If you have not attend any college level program, please send a letter or email stating that you do not have previous college education to report.

Please provide the above mentioned items as soon as possible. You can send the documents either by fax (281-530-9143), e-mail, or regular mail.

On a final note, if you have not already applied for your VA benefits online, you will need to go the following website and start that process ASAP:

The output document, the Certificate of Eligibility, will be sent from the VA after they complete the processing of your online application.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 1-800-321-0298 or my direct line of 281-776-3315

Terry D. Kelley
Financial Aid Officer
The Ocean Corporation

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