How do I start the process of getting my VA education benefits?

I typically recommend that you start your application with the VA early (at this web address in that it can take about 30 days for the VA to process your application and send your Certificate of Eligibility (COE).


What paperwork do you need from me to start school?

I will need the following four (4) documents before a certificate of attendance can be submitted to the VA from The Ocean Corporation: 1) Certificate of Eligibility (received from the VA), 2) DD-214, 3) Joint Service Transcripts (unofficial copy acceptable), 4) Academic Transcripts from any previous post secondary institution you have attended. Please view the (VA Benefits Checklist) link for more details.


Can I start class while on terminal leave even if my official discharge date is after the class begins?

Yes. If your DD-214 has not been issued by the time you register, just submit a letter explaining your situation and your attendance certification can be submitted while waiting for your official discharge paperwork to be issued (assuming all other necessary documents have been provided). Please remember that a copy of your DD-214 will eventually be required.


How much will the VA pay toward my tuition?

This question is not possible to answer until your Certificate of Eligibility is received.


If I am eligible for 100% tuition payments, how much with the VA pay toward my tuition?

If you are 100% eligible, the VA is currently paying all the tuition for the Nondestructive Testing/Inspection and Ultimate Diver Training programs. Tuition payments are made directly to the school, but the book stipend is disbursed to the veteran directly and these funds are to be used to pay for the issued items (books and other supplies provided to the student).


Will I receive a book stipend?

Yes, currently veterans are receiving a one-time payment of about $500 per program.


Will I receive a housing stipend (BAH) while attending The Ocean Corporation? If yes, how much will I receive?

Yes, veterans attending The Ocean Corporation are eligible to receive BAH. Currently, they are receiving about $1,801 per full month of training.


When will I receive my BAH?

BAH funds are disbursed to the veterans on the 1st of the month after class starts.


How will I receive my book stipend and/or BAH payments?

It is recommended that you set up a direct deposit account with the VA. This can be accomplished when you are completing your online VA Education Application. When this step is completed, the funds will be deposited directly into your account. If you choose not to use this method, your funds will be received through the mail in the form of a check.


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